Cat Caves by Walking Palm. The hand-made sleeping burrow for cats.Max - Cat Caves

Each of our cat caves are created with love to ensure a happy and healthy pet. Our goal is to create a better world for your pets by making the best and most comfortable pet beds possible.

David Riggs and Alonzo Guess grew up together and their pets were and are still a part of their families’ lives. Only true animal lovers know the bond we form with those wonderful creatures who become part of our memories.  To that end, they decided to begin making and selling products to people who want to make the lives of their pets more enjoyable and comfortable.  

Cat Caves serve as sleeping “burrows” made of comfortable all-natural wool.  These cozy wool retreats were tested on friends and family and made such a huge hit that Riggs and Guess expanded a line to produce them for the public under their pet brand, Walking Palm.  Durable and enticing for any domestic cat, they provide security, warmth, and luxury for cats of all sizes.  More ideas are in the works, but the Cat Cave was the perfect first product for its simplicity and popularity for cat lovers and their pets!